Summer isn’t over yet!!!!

Most Michiganders don’t take summer for granted. Camping every weekend, swimming at the pool or lake, softball games, going to Cedar Point, Tubing anyone? Everyone here knows to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth that is so short lived.

While enjoying the summer fun, it’s no surprise that several patients come into the office due to aches and pains. After sleeping on an air mattress, long car rides, or the whip lash that happened while on a roller coaster, We are here to help put you back together. Chiropractic is about helping your body function and feel better, naturally. Our goal at Pleasant chiropractic is to keep you doing the things you love.

So as summer starts to come to an end, stop on in for a visit and get adjusted. It will help you feel your best while you enjoy every single second that’s left before fall. Summer’s not over yet so get outside and make memories and have fun.

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