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Dr. Deanna DeJesus-Farless and JD Farless, are originally  from Midland Mi.  They met when they were kids, and were high school sweethearts.  Dr. D graduated from Midland High school and JD graduated from Bullock Creek High school. Together they grew up and went to college at Life University,  where they both gained knowledge in chiropractic, health, philosophy and business.  Their journey has been blessed with many wonderful people, teachers and experiences.


For 12 years, They lived in Marietta, Ga with their pug, Tino.  In 2008 they opened their first chiropractic office in Kennesaw Ga, in 2011, they opened another location Body Elements Chiropractic in Marietta,Ga, and in 2018, big changes came that lead Dr. D and JD home,  As their business, passion and purpose grew, they were blessed with an incredible opportunity to serve the Mt Pleasant MI community along side of  Drs. Cory and Toni Rodnick of Midland Mi.


 Dr. D loves to spend time with family and friends and anyone interested in improving their health and their life.  Shes an optimistic and joyful person that loves music and the arts.  She loves kids and animals. She's also  a wife to an amazing man.


JD has never met a stranger and is probably one of the friendliest people in the world.  Hes tough but also a big goof ball too.  He iof true healthcare, the philosophy of chiropractic, Teller of the chiropractic story, and protector of the philosophy and science.   He is Crazy about people, animals, and Health.  He is a natural born athlete and friendship and organization are his super powers. 


Together they love Loving God, family, friends, Chiropractic, serving and spreading the gift of chiropractic and true health care to others.  Together they are determined to serve the masses.


Chiropractic... the natural way to boost your health and deal with stresses that life brings. In Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859. Chiropractic helps your body work better so you can be better! At Pleasant Chiropractic 48858 our health programs help to keep you and your family balanced for a lifetime. We can't wait to serve the Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804 community. Walk in chiropractor and the best chiropractor near me.


We accept all major insurance plans. If you don't see your plan call us. 

Pleasant Chiropractic is a Participating Provider for Medicare and Medicaid and other health insurers in and around Mount Pleasant, MI 48858. Call us today to verify a chiropractor near me accepts your insurance plan.