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Chiropractors for Pregnant Women Mount Pleasant
Chiropractic doctor for Pregnancy in Mount Pleasant

Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnant Women in Mt Pleasant

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy 

Every mother deserves a safe and healthy delivery! Family Chiropractic in Mt. Pleasant, MI  helps this happen!


From the time a baby is conceived, a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes.  Family Chiropractic Mt Pleasant MI care  can help give mothers-to-be the reassurance they need to ensure that their body is in optimal health for when they deliver their baby.

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy? The answer is of course. The health and well-being of mother and child care understandably, are of the greatest importance.  All chiropractors are trained to care for patients through pregnancy. Chiropractic Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 care can help keep the body in healthy alignment during pregnancy reducing pain and discomfort, while also helping to keep the body in the best possible condition for natural childbirth.

Other benefits of chiropractic in Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804 care during pregnancy include promoting overall health, controlling nausea, and reducing labor and delivery pain—and possibly preventing the need for a cesarean delivery.


A number of routine aspects of pregnancy can increase the need for chiropractic care.   


Carrying a child affects the distribution of weight on the body, balance and posture. There are also changes in the pelvic area to facilitate childbirth. Sleeping position may be affected, as may a sit posture. Regular exercise may cease or be modified. Routine actions like picking things up may require a different position or cause struggle. All of these may result in strain and misalignment.

Pregnant women who visit a Mt. Pleasant MI chiropractor regularly report


·         Less back and leg pain

·         Healthier circulation


·         Fewer instances of tingling in the extremities   


·         Feeling more calm than they did before chiropractic care                         


·         Fewer headaches                                                                                                          


·         Better digestion                                                                                                


·         Maintaining a healthier overall pregnancy                                                                        


·         Pelvic alignment                                                                                                


·         Controlling symptoms of nausea                                                                            


·         Reducing the time of labor and delivery                                                           


·         Relieving back, neck or joint pain                                                                       


·         Prevent a potential cesarean section  

"The healthier the mother and the immune system,

the healthier the baby"

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