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Meet Dr. Deanna DeJesus-Farless, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic - Mt. Pleasant, MI Chiropractor

BE amazing with Chiropractic

I’m Dr. Deanna DeJesus-Farless, your Mt. Pleasant, MI Family Chiropractor at Pleasant Chiropractic. 

I get sick people well without the use of drugs or surgery. One could assume that I care about neck and back pain, but I care about you and your family getting healthy and staying healthy for a life time.  My hope is for you to learn just how amazing your body is!  It's an incredible design, that is mistreated far too often. 

You MUST take care of your body, after all you only get one! Most only listen to their body when it is hurting or faced with some  life altering disease rather than preventing problems from happening in the first place. You need to eat better, and exercise more and you need to get your spine checked!  

Your spine protects your precious central nervous system, the Master Control system of every cell, tissue, organ and organ system in your body.  When one of the bones of your spine is misaligned, it can cause major interference in the communication between your brain and body.  This misalignment is called a subluxation.  If left uncorrected it may cause permanent nerve damage, potentially destroying your health. 


I specialize in correcting Subluxation.  I analyze and detect where the interruption is and correct it with a chiropractic adjustment.

By getting your spine adjusted, you will function better. Every time you get adjusted, it improves the communication that occurs between your brain and body.  The healing ability of the body improves and allows the function of the body to improve naturally.  A Chiropractic Adjustment  helps the human body handle stress better, allowing it to work at its best without the use of drugs and surgeries. 

I have always wanted to help people realize the incredible potential they have.  This was a trait passed down to me from my parents.  My father, Angel, an amazing Martial Artist, has been producing champions out of his martial arts schools since before I was born and my mother, Lupe, the absolute best mom in the world, has always gone above and beyond to give and serve others unconditionally.  

Being brought up this way, I went to school to become a teacher, then graduated with a BS in Social Work, but it quickly became clear that it wasn't the right fit for me.  It made me an emotional wreck.  Then one day, some thing life changing happened... I fell down a flight of stairs and injured my back.  

I didn't want to use pain relievers.  A co worker suggested that I see her chiropractor to see if he could help. I went to his office and had my first chiropractic adjustment and couldn't believe how much better I felt.  Soon after I was getting adjusted, my pain vanished and my over all health improved!  

I became an advocate for chiropractic and natural health care.  Enough with the pills and potions, I want my own body to be its best all by itself and I want others to know how amazing chiropractic is.  My husband, JD, and I and our dog Tino, soon after moved to Marietta,Georgia to attend Life University- College of Chiropractic. 

I received my Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, GA.  Here I am today, a Chiropractor Near Me as a Family Chiropractic in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Being a chiropractor is incredible. I get to help others improve their lives and be their best.  I love my Job!

Natural, safe, gentle, effective chiropractic.  Chiropractic is a life style for my family and I.  At Pleasant Chiropractic we are on a mission to get everyone we meet adjusted and living the best lives possible.


Meet JD Farless

My first adjustment had nothing to do with pain or problems.  I started getting adjusted for the health benefits of making my body stronger naturally.  Originally, my wife Dr. Deanna, started seeing a Chiropractor, and after seeing the impact it had on her, I decided to try it.


Well my wife and I loved chiropractic so much we moved from Michigan to Georgia to attend Life University, the best chiropractic school in the World.


While attending Life University, my wife became a chiropractor, and I found my calling in getting chiropractic out to the masses and coaching individuals and chiropractors to change their lives through support, personal responsibility and accountability. 


Honestly, I absolutely love chiropractic, and we want you to love it too.  What do you know about chiropractic?  Is it a natural way of improving your nervous system and boosting you immune system? Absolutely Yes.  Is it about making your entire body work and perform better?  Yes.  Is it about helping your neck and back pain or headaches?Sure, for many it is.  I have come to know chiropractic as a combination of all the above. 


I have Chiropractic in my life as a simple way to keep my body healthy and naturally balanced and strong.  I live a natural chiropractic lifestyle. I don’t buy into the over medicated and fear based, misinformed lifestyles of today.  I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.  If you want a better life, then get up and make it happen. 


Pleasant Family Chiropractic was created as the perfect place for families in and near Mt.Pleasant, MI to receive the amazing benefits of a family chiropractic lifestyle.  Chiropractic helps your life be incredible from birth to beyond, if you have a spine, then it is vitally necessary to get your spine checked at least weekly in order to keep your body functioning at its ultimate potential. Much Love!