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 Research" and" science" in the first half of the chiropractic century.

JC Keating Jr, BN GreenCD Johnson - Journal of manipulative …, 1995 -

… At the end of World War II, the broad-scope national association of chiropractors in the United
States established a nonprofit … Several more decades would pass before a sustained research
effort and interest in clinical experimentation would become evident in chiropractic …

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The efficacy of chiropractic manipulation for back pain: blinded review of relevant randomized clinical trials.

WJ Assendelft, BW Koes, LM Bouter - Journal of manipulative …, 1992 -

… of treatment used in nonchiropractic trials were determined by a panel of blinded chiropractors …
general methodological quality precludes the drawing of strong conclusions, chiropractic seems
to … However, more studies with a better research methodology are clearly still needed …

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Leg length inequality.

DM Mannello - Journal of manipulative and physiological …, 1992 -

… obtained from Medline, the Index to Chiropractic Literature, Chiropractic Research Archives
Collection, Physiotherapy Index, Chiropractic Literature Analysis … Given this, it is evident that more
research is needed before the use of certain orthopedic and … CitePeer Related Articles …

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A meta-analysis of clinical trials of spinal manipulation.

R Anderson, WC Meeker, BE Wirick… - … of manipulative and …, 1992 -

… A hand search of professional chiropractic journals was also undertaken … It was also found that
meta-analysis was an imperfect instrument for the kind of trials that were pooled in this study
because the research protocols were highly diverse … CitePeer Related Articles …

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Mechanical force, manually assisted short lever chiropractic adjustment.

PJ Osterbauer, AW Fuhr… - Journal of manipulative …, 1992 -

… This article reviews: a) the principles of the chiropractic subluxation complex from the … limited to
those available in the collection of the National Institute of Chiropractic Research … obtained by
written personal communication.The principal author selected articles reporting data (as …

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Basic science research in chiropractic: the state of the art and recommendations for a research agenda.

PC Brennan, GD CramerSJ Kirstukas… - Journal of manipulative …, 1997 -

… the current state of the art of basic science research conducted since 1975 by chiropractors or
investigators at chiropractic institutions in … infrastructure needed to conduct future research and
seed recommendations for a future basic science research agenda were …

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Outcomes research in chiropractic: the state of the art and recommendations for the chiropractic research agenda.

J Nyiendo, M Haas, MA Hondras - Journal of manipulative and …, 1997 -

… CONCLUSION: The long-term goals of the chiropractic research agenda must be to advance
the profession and to better … final recommendations serve as a foundation for the development
of proposals for future strategy with outcomes research a priority … CitePeer Related Articles …

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Chiropractic care for women with chronic pelvic pain: a prospective single-group intervention study.

C Hawk, C Long, A Azad - Journal of manipulative and …, 1997 -

… CPP) as a first step in designing a randomized clinical trial.Prospective single-group intervention
study.Chiropractic Research Center.Nineteen … results will be used to design a randomized clinical
trial to investigate the efficacy of chiropractic care in the … CitePeer Related Articles …

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The National Workshop to Develop the Chiropractic Research Agenda.

C Hawk, W Meeker, D Hansen - Journal of manipulative and …, 1997 -

… CONCLUSIONS: Consensus was not reached on the development of a research agenda for
the chiropractic profession, and a continuation of the contract has been agreed upon by HRSA
BHPr to continue the process for another project year … CitePeer Related Articles …

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[HTML] Comparisons of citations in Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar for articles published in general medical journals

AV Kulkarni, B Aziz, I Shams, JW Busse - Jama, 2009 -

… were recruited within the United States or, for studies that did not use research participants, the …
in all analyzed studies); (7) declared for-profit industry funding; (8) whether the article studied
a … Press news wire during the 6-month period during which the articles were published …

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Dysafferentation: a novel term to describe the neuropathophysiological effects of joint complex dysfunction. A look at likely mechanisms of symptom generation.

DR Seaman, JF Winterstein - Journal of manipulative and …, 1998 -

… The purpose of this article is to propose a precise and physiologically sound mechanism by which
symptoms may be generated by joint complex dysfunction.The data was … Articles were also selected
from volumes 1-4 of the Chiropractic Research Archives Collection …

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[BOOK] Evidence-based chiropractic practice

MT Haneline - 2007 -

… the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic Orthopedics program and is a Fellow in the Institute
of Chiropractic Research (FICR). Dr. Haneline has published more than 80 articles in the
chiropractic and medical literature and has made … Introduction to Public Health for Chiropractors …

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Health services research related to chiropractic: review and recommendations for research prioritization by the chiropractic profession.

RD Mootz, ID Coulter, DT Hansen - Journal of manipulative and …, 1997 -

… RESULTS: Six recommendations for a health services research agenda for the chiropractic
profession were made: determine barriers … valid measures and predictors of quality of chiropractic
care; and examine satisfaction with chiropractic services from … CitePeer Related Articles …

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Efficacy of spinal manipulation for chronic headache: a systematic review

G Bronfort, WJJ Assendelft, R Evans… - … of Manipulative & …, 2001 -

… DC. , Lex Bouter x Lex Bouter. Search for articles by this … from the Cumulative Index of Nursing
and Allied Health Literature, the Chiropractic Research Archives Collection … gathered through
the citation tracking, and hand searching of non-indexed chiropractic, osteopathic, and …

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Patients using chiropractors in North America: who are they, and why are they in chiropractic care?

ID Coulter, EL Hurwitz, AH Adams, BJ Genovese… - Spine, 2002 -

Summary of Background Data and Objectives. Alternative health
care was used by an estimated 42% of t.

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A randomized controlled trial of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy for migraine

PJ Tuchin, H Pollard, R Bonello - Journal of Manipulative & …, 2000 -

… Search. Access provided by. < Previous Article. Next Article >. February 2000Volume
23, Issue 2, Pages 91–95 … Bonello. Search for articles by this author Affiliations … group.
Setting: Chiropractic Research Center of Macquarie University …

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A comparison of active and simulated chiropractic manipulation as adjunctive treatment for childhood asthma

J Balon, PD Aker, ER Crowther… - … England Journal of …, 1998 - Mass Medical Soc

… Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (administered by the Foundation for Chiropractic
Education and Research), and the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association … Professor David
Sackett for his helpful advice and encouragement; to the chiropractors participating in …

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A randomized controlled trial of the effect of spinal manipulation in the treatment of cervicogenic headache.

N Nilsson - Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, 1995 -

… A comment on this article appears in "Manipulation and cervicogenic headache." J Manipulative
Physiol Ther. 1996 May;19(4):282 … SETTING: Ambulatory outpatient facility in an independent
NHS-funded chiropractic research institution … Show all items. CitePeer Related Articles …

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Measures in chiropractic research: choosing patient-based outcome assessments

R Khorsan, ID Coulter, C Hawk… - Journal of Manipulative & …, 2008 -

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Line drawing analyses of static cervical X ray used in chiropractic.

JEF Owens - Journal of manipulative and physiological …, 1992 -

… OBJECTIVE: This review article identifies the chiropractic techniques used to assess … Collection
(CRAC); indexes published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research; conference proceedings …
Conference; references identified from bibliographies of pertinent articles; a telephone …

  Cited by 20 Related articles All 2 versions 

The reliability of lumbar motion palpation.

DM Panzer - Journal of Manipulative and Physiological …, 1992 -

… Additionally, a manual search of the Chiropractic Research Archives Collection and JMPT
was performed and researchers at Western States Chiropractic College were consulted …
CitePeer Related Articles. Menu …

  Cited by 84 Related articles All 2 versions 

The reliability of reliability.

M Haas - Journal of Manipulative and Physiological …, 1991 -

… Abstract. Forty-five original articles addressing the subject of examiner reliability were reviewed
to determine if the findings were adequately substantiated by the statistical analyses and
experimental designs … To date, the research presented in the chiropractic literature cannot …

  Cited by 86 Related articles All 2 versions 

Qualitative methods in chiropractic research: one framework for future inquiry

J AdamsA Broom, M Jennaway - Journal of Manipulative & …, 2008 -

… Science, University of Newcastle, Australia. , PhD. , Megan Jennaway x Megan Jennaway. Search
for articles by this … Baillere Tindall, London; 1991: 120–134 See all References Chiropractic
research development can and should incorporate a central role for chiropractors 6 x …

  Cited by 18 Related articles All 14 versions

Review of the literature supporting a scientific basis for the chiropractic subluxation complex.

R Dishman - Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, 1985 -

… Historically, its role in maintaining health has been almost totally ignored and for nearly a century
chiropractors have battled … The scientific community is about to see that chiropractic is leading
the way in discovering the "new world … Past, present and future research is discussed …

  Cited by 41 Related articles All 2 versions 


Chiropractic: a profession at the crossroads of mainstream and alternative medicine

WC Meeker, S Haldeman - Annals of internal medicine, 2002 - Am Coll Physicians

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  Cited by 347 Related articles All 12 versions


Arterial dissections following cervical manipulation: the chiropractic experience

S Haldeman, P Carey, M Townsend… - Canadian Medical …, 2001 - Can Med Assoc

… Research into the effectiveness of spinal manipulation1 , 2 has resulted in some acknowledgement
of … 5 and Denmark,6 which has led to increased integration of chiropractors into mainstream … an
estimate of the rate of stroke following manipulation from a chiropractic perspective …

  Cited by 183 Related articles All 16 versions

The state of the art of research on chiropractic education.

AH Adams, M Gatterman - Journal of manipulative and …, 1997 -

… theory and science by defining research issues and questions for investigation and then underpin
them with appropriate research methodology. Studies of the chiropractic educational process
is critical to the future of chiropractic education and practice … CitePeer Related Articles …

  Cited by 27 Related articles All 3 versions 

Research attitudes among chiropractic college students.

JQ Zhang - Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, 1996 -

… Middle quarter-level students who had not taken the required research and chiropractic courses
showed greater willingness to … The overwhelming concern to the students in terms of participating
in research was the additional time requirement … CitePeer Related Articles …

  Cited by 16 Related articles All 3 versions 

Lasting changes in passive range motion after spinal manipulation: a randomized, blind, controlled trial.

N Nilsson, HW Christensen… - Journal of Manipulative …, 1996 -

… 19(3):165-168]. 1996/01. Type: Clinical Trial, Research Support, Non-US Gov't, Randomized
Controlled Trial, Journal Article … SETTING: Ambulatory outpatient facility in an independent National
Health Service funded chiropractic research institution … CitePeer Related Articles …

  Cited by 79 Related articles All 3 versions 


Randomised comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient management for low back pain: results from extended follow up

TW Meade, S Dyer, W Browne, AO Frank - Bmj, 1995 -

… Footnotes. Funding Medical Research Council, the National Back Pain Association, the European
Chiropractors Union, and … Meade TW,; Dyer S,; Browne W,; Townsend J,; Frank AO. .Low back
pain of mechanical origin: randomised comparison of chiropractic and hospital …

  Cited by 361 Related articles All 18 versions 

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