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Cut the sugar, cut the illness - Tips from your local Chiropractor in Mt Pleasant.

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

It's fall time again! And with the colder weather comes less activity and less outdoor time and less sunshine. This also means less vitamin D. We've been recently hearing about people coming down with influenza, Strep, and COVID-19 and so we want to encourage everyone to start taking their supplements, you know the ones you forgot about? that live in your cupboard? Vitamin D being the crucial one that most people are deficient in, especially in Michigan. Vitamin D can help keep your immune system strong while it faces challenges in the months to come. Also increasing physical activity and eating better. This time of year is also when many increase their sugar intake, from Halloween treats, to apple cider donuts, beer from October fest, cakes pies, comfort foods, all known to increase levels of inflammation and stress in the body. Want less illness? Cut down on the sweet treats or skip them all together. Is it easy to do? Not always but remember, one good choice will lead to more. We need to encourage each other to stay healthy and make healthy choices as we head into winter time. At Pleasant Chiropractic, your local Chiropractor in Mt Pleasant, we are human too. We have our days where we eat healthy and we have our days where we eat some sweet treats. Recently we took our boys to Papas pumpkins, The wild pumpkin and uncle John's cider Mill and we enjoyed ourselves each time, but we also got right back on track with eating healthy as soon as we get home. We also have a Dunkin Donuts across the street from us now and so our taste buds are tempted often. Do the best you can, and allow a treat once in a while, but make the healthiest Choices you can as often as you can. Hopefully this will be a Health and wellness filled season in Mt Pleasant MI and beyond for everyone we know and your loved ones as well!

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