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Let’s unplug and live in the moment - Some friendly advice from your chiropractor in Mt Pleasant MI.

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Let’s unplug and live in the moment. As grown ups, many of us can remember a time in our lives before computers, video games, cell phones, Google and text messages, unfortunately the kids today can’t. Kids are growing up totally disconnected from what’s directly in front of them. Many kids don’t even play outside anymore, and truth be told, us grownups aren’t much better.

Spend time away from your devices as a family and have your children unplug as much as possible and regain the richness in life’s moments you may have forgotten.

It may be time to create some “no phone zones,” in different areas of the home, or different hours of the day that everyone has to unplug and go for a walk or go out side and put your feet in the grass, yes, bare feet… in the grass.

Take the time to observe and describing things you see, smell, feel and hear. And remember to play too! A game of tag, or hide and seek, go for a family bike ride. Get up and go do something with your loved ones.

chiropractor in mt pleasant MI

- From your caring chiropractor in Mt Pleasant MI

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